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Helen provides results focused Business and Executive coaching, personal development and Stress Resilience Coaching delivered one to one for corporate and SME clients

Helen has been partnering with forward thinking companies in Uk and S of Ireland for over 20 years

THROUGH Helen’s guidance I have completely changed how I approach tasks and projects. I am able to manage my time much better, engage with clients more effectively and ultimately produce better results. Moreover I am able to work more efficiently and structure each day to ensure I am producing the maximum output with a very high standard, while not getting overwhelmed. I have found the entire experience incredibly useful and can very clearly see how this has benefited me and how I approach each day.



Directors/Leaders/ C Suite

Imagine performing at your best, contributing the most and hitting all those targets….

As an optimal performance specialist I provide you with totally tailored whole person support. I equip you with powerful proven tools and advanced mind management techniques. This ensures you’re at the top of your game and able to thrive even with the pressures, demands and challenges of everyday business life

Results Focused Coaching to

  • Strengthen resilience for continuous high performance under difficult conditions
  • Re energise, reinvigorate and revitalise
  • Build inner resources to increase personal effectiveness
  • Successfully navigate change
  • Evolve a greater capacity for innovative and solution based thinking
  • Achieve a better balance between work and personal life
  • Handle difficult relationships with peers, direct reports or members of the board
  • Enhance mental clarity and focus to improve your results
  • Have career fulfilment without sacrificing health and wellbeing
  • Develop the best mind sets to accelerate powerful professional development

The Programme runs for either 6 or 12 months

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Invest in your key people and high potentials by providing whole person specialised support that deals with a range of development needs and issues.  Augmenting your HR Function will positively impact the bottom line and improve retention. I proactively work with your key people to enable them to be fully engaged, contribute at their highest level and to be positive and productive.

Results Focused Coaching for

  • Identified development needs
  • Preventing and addressing Business Burnout
  • Strategies for handling with high levels of workload
  • Decreasing feelings overload and overwhelm
  • Building greater resilience and mental robustness
  • Reducing stress and maximising energy levels
  • Increasing levels of self confidence
  • Effectively dealing with challenging relationships in the workplace
  • Struggling with personal issues that are impacting their performance in work
  • Flattening the learning curve in a new role and get up to speed more quickly

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SME Owners

Powerful Business Coaching that gives you the space and strategies to move the needle on the success and health of you and your business. All this while not sacrificing the other things in your life that are important to you.

Results Focused Coaching to

  • Switch off from thinking about your business all the time
  • Work ON your business not IN your business
  • Get increased clarity in you thinking
  • Have a professional sounding board to bounce off your thoughts and explore your ideas
  • Get your stress levels under control
  • Maximise your energy for continuous high performance
  • Increase your inner confidence
  • Focus on key activities that can dramatically increase your results
  • Have a trusted ally and confidante
  • Make your business work for you not you working for your business

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